About William Manning

My commitment to excellence is reflected in the work I deliver to my clients. Regardless of the scope of an assignment, being one photograph or dozens, my end goal is to produce the best possible image for the people who have entrusted me to solve their creative needs.

My home town is Cincinnati Ohio, while my studio can be found anywhere in the world. After 20 years as a professional photographer, the excitement and motivation to produce exceptional photography is still very much alive. I have worked in the crowded streets of Bangkok, the dusty plains of the Serengeti, amongst the medieval structures of Prague, in the quiet confines of a newly built skyscraper and many other beautiful and exciting locations. Working in these often challenging environments has provided me the experience and ability to handle stressful situations under tight deadlines.

I have developed and mastered a low impact technique for creating my photography. This has enabled me to work in occupied spaces with minimal  equipment and disruption in the work environment. With an eye for detail and a high level of expertise in digital retouching, my work stands out above the competition.

William Manning the Workshop Leader

Leading photography workshops is something I have enjoyed for over 25 years. I have lead photographers to many of our nation’s treasured parks, beautiful hard to find locations, and to many of our great cities. Beyond the boundaries of the U.S., I have lead dozens of photography tours to international destinations that have rewarded us with incredible photographic and cultural experiences. Regardless of location, my commitment to sharing my knowledge and expertise is paramount on every photo journey. I bring my experience as a teacher, an assignment photographer and an accomplished travel leader to every tour and workshop. If learning in a fun, creative and beautiful environment is what you’re looking for, I hope you consider joining me on one of my photo journey’s.

Clients, Representation and Past Projects

My photography is represented by Corbis, Getty Images and Alamy. Many national and international companies and publishers have used my work including American Airlines, BP Amoco, Rand McNally and Co., National Geographic, ESPN Magazine, Readers Digest, Time magazine, Business Week, Reader’s Digest, Sierra Club, John Hancock, Avon Cosmetics, and Coldwater Creek to name a few.

My clients include CR Design and Architecture, SHP Leading Design, Fanning Howey, Moody Nolan, CSO Architects, Champlin Architecture, Turner Construction, Messer Construction, GC Contracting, Triversity Construction, ProcessPlus, Trinitas, S.M. Wilson and Company, Big Ass Solutions, Sentinel Real Estate, Maraye Design, Cortland Partners, AVI and many others throughout the United States.