Rates and License Sharing Policy

Every project is different, therefore every price quote is different. It’s understandable companies are working with a budget. I have produced and delivered outstanding photography to clients for a hundred dollars and for thousands of dollars. Every project, regardless of size or budget is taken seriously and every effort is made to work within my clients budget. I provide a professional, friendly and reliable service at affordable rates.

Many clients want to share the creative costs with other parties involved in a project, therefore I have designed a unique cost and license sharing policy. The price structure below allows all parties involved to maximize their architectural photography budget and gives all parties the opportunity to convey their needs to me before beginning the photo shoot.

Breakdown of shared cost and license pricing:

• 2 Parties = 20% Discount
• 3 Parties = 25% Discount
• 4 Parties = 30% Discount
• 5 Parties = 35% Discount
• 6 or more Parties = 40% Discount

Each party will receive a non-transferable license to use the photographs for their own marketing and advertising purposes without ever incurring any additional usage fees. Each party will be invoiced individually.

The above discounts only apply when the party agrees prior to the photo shoot. Upon completion of the photo shoot any person or company wanting photographs from project will be invoiced at the customary image licensing rates.

Let’s discuss your needs at your earliest convenience.