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Architectural Assignment, Number 4

Over the last couple of years I have photographed a lot of housing, most have been upscale multiplex apartments and several condo hi-rises in urban centers across the country. Apartment living has changed in recent years from […]

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Architectural Assignment, Number 3

This months featured architectural assignment is the new Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Medical facilities across America have seen a growth spurt over the last several years. This is an area I […]

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Where Do You Find Inspiration for Your Work?

Where are you finding inspiration for your work? There is no right or wrong answer. Have you ever given it any thought, many photographers haven’t. I have asked this question to many over the years. I […]

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Don’t Pitch Those Mediocre Shots

We all have those uninspiring, middle-of-the-road, photos. Matter-of-fact, we probably have many more mediocre shots than beautiful breathtaking shots. Everyone shows off their great shots on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites but what are you […]

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Architectural Assignment, Number 2

Every assignment has it’s challenges but this one was a bit different than most. It was late in the day on a Wednesday, well beyond 5 p.m., when I received a phone call from a […]

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What’s Holding You Back

Family commuting on a motorscooter on the busy streets of Chinatown in Bangkok. Motorbikes are a common means of transportation in the cities of Thailand. Incredible photography passes our eyes everyday. It only takes a […]

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Architectural Assignment, Number 1

I have been photographing architecture for a long time. After the number of projects I have photographed you would think it’s a no brainer to walk into a project, set up the camera, create the […]

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Art Can Be Found Anywhere

Crowded streets, steel structures, heavy traffic, billboards, graffiti, industrial sites aren’t exactly what many photographers are looking for when they want to create their works of art. I was guilty of the same practice in the […]

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Add Film Grain for a Beautiful Finishing Touch

There are many things that make digital photography appealing and one of those is the beautiful finish of smooth sky’s and clean colors. Back in the day, photographers used slow films to avoid the grain that […]

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Aurora HDR

  Hey folks, its been a really busy year working on assignments. I’m finished for the year, giving me some time to play around a bit. A few weeks ago I got an email from […]

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Project of the Month: January 2015

January 2015 I was given an opportunity to photograph the old International Paper manufacturing plant in Mason, Ohio. The plant was renovated for the new Crossroads Community Church. Crossroads has a reputation for taking old structures and […]

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