Answers to Quizs

What do you really know about our National Parks?

This famous landmark belongs to one of America’s great National Parks, what is the name of this rock formation?
Answer: Park Avenue

What national park has been nicknamed the “American Alps”?
Answer: North Cascades National Park

Acadia National parks home to the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast. Do you know how many mountains are in this national park?
Answer: Twenty six

Glacier National Park is known as 
Answer: The Crown of the Continent

Zion national park was originally named… ?
Answer: Mukuntuweap National Monument

The Great Smoky Mountains National park is ?
Answer: All of the Above

The Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon in the United States?
Answer: False (Hell’s Canyon in eastern Oregon)

Redwood National Park is known as what type of old growth forest?
Answer: Temperate Rainforest

Which of the statements below are true of beautiful Mt Rainier National park?
Answer: All of the above

Delicate Arch is best known in beautiful Arches National park. Delicate Arch is what type of stone?
Answer: Entrada Sandstone