Answers to Photo Trivia

If you enjoy my Photo Trivia questions you might enjoy traveling to some of these locations with me on one of my future tours or workshops. Click here to see what I have planned for 2016. I have programs from one day to two weeks.

Harley Warrick is known for his Mail Pouch Barn paintings. What letter did he start all his paintings?

MailpouchHarley Warrick is one of a twelve men who painted Mail Pouch advertisements on the side of barns across 22 states. Advertising on the side of barns was used by a many companies but it was Mail Pouch that was consistent and wide spread across the country and later became national landmarks. Initially barn owners were paid $1 or $2 for one year of advertising on the side of their barns, but many farmers liked the perk of having a fresh coat of badly needed paint put on their barns free of charge. The first Mail Pouch barns were painted as early as 1890 and continued until 1992.

Answer: Harley Warrick claims to have painted over 20,000 barns in his lifetime. He started his career after WWII painting barns in 9 states across the midwest. He started every painting with the letter “E” in CHEW. Harley used no stencils or templates, he eye-balled all his paintings. Harley used an assistant to paint the black under coat while he did all the lettering. He could paint an entire barn in 6 hours.

The Town Hall Clock also known as the Astronomical Clock rebuilt by master clock maker Hanus in 1490 is situated on the Old Town Hall Tower built in 1364 is a major tourist attraction on Old Town Square in Prague Czech Republic Prague is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

What does the acronym UNESCO stand for? What UNESCO city is this famous landmark located?

Answer Part 1: UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It’s purpose is to contribute peace and security by promoting international collaboration through educational, scientific and cultural reforms in order to increase universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the United Nations Charter.

Answer Part 2: This is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest old still working in the world. Astronomical clocks were designed with special dials and mechanisms to display the positions of the sun, moon, major planets, zodiacal constellations and the time of day. The one shown in the photo is located in the beautiful city of Prague, in the Czech Republic. It is known as the Prague astronomical clock or the Prague oriole. It dates back to 1410 and was installed in the Old Town Hall clock tower.

Fog covers Pine Mountian in the Jefferson National Forest as seen from State Route 119, near Whitesburg, Kentucky.

Fog covers Pine Mountian in the Jefferson National Forest as seen from State Route 119, near Whitesburg, Kentucky.

How many states do the Appalachian Mountains run through? Can you name them?

The Appalachians are some of the oldest mountains in the world. They are well known for their ecological diversity and their natural beauty. The Appalachian Mountains is a large system of mountain ranges that run from the southern United States and into Canada. The mountains range from 3,000 feet to the highest peak of 6,684 feet at Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park straddles Tennessee and North Carolina and is one of the most visited national parks in the United States. This park has become a springtime favorite for the outdoor photographer. Interested in exploring this park on a photography tour?

Answer: 18 states; Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

MountainCanadaHow many national parks are located in the Canadian Rockies? Can you name them?

The western border of Alberta is a network of protected provincial and national parks. These parks are made up of impressive mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and caves. This scenic splendor offers year round recreation and hosts over 3 to 4 million visitors every year. I have made many visits to these parks over the years and have never been disappointed with the photo opportunities found throughout these awesome mountain parks.

Answer: You may have answered four national parks, but the correct answer is five; Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, Jasper and Waterton National Parks. Watertown National Park is often forgotten because it lies south of the four contiguous parks. Some people may have answered six if they include Glacier National Park of Canada, but this national park is considered to be part of the  Columbia Mountain Range and not the Rocky Mountain Range.

16308triviaDubrovnik, Croatia is a UNESCO World heritage Site. What is the nickname of this city? Hint: Gem

Dubrovnik is a walled city on the Adriatic Sea. In the middle-ages it became the only city-state in the Adriatic to rival Venice for maritime trade. Dubrovnik was an important centre for artisans and scholars and played an important role in the development of the Croatian language.

Today, Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean and a major tourist destination. Royalty, presidents, diplomats and celebrities make this a favorite get-away destination to relax and enjoy time away. The city has a stunning array of architectural gems, churches, monasteries, museums and fountains.

This photograph was made on one of my visits to Croatia. It was taken on a hill top behind the city over looking the Adriatic. Stay tuned for details of a 2017 Photo Tour to Dubrovnik and surrounding towns of the Adriatic.

Answer: Pearl of the Adriatic

shoesborderSaddle Shoes were originally designed for men. From 1910 through the 30’s men used them mostly for what purpose?

You have seen these style of shoes before. If you are younger you have probably seen them in movies or in old photographs. Those who are a little older may have owned a pair.

Saddle shoes have a long history. They first started to appear in the early 1900’s originally designed for men as a sport shoe. Women embraced this shoe more than men and by the 20’s became much more popular for ladies for its comfort and style. The shoe saw modifications in the 30’s because of the Great Depression and used cheaper materials. The 40’s saw the shoe become part of pop culture and were popular with both men and women. The shoe reached the height of it’s popularity status by the 50’s and were often seen in movies and common throughout America. Girls wore their saddle shoes with bobby socks and poodle skirts. Boys enjoyed them with their denim blue jeans. Booby-soxers was the nickname given to the teenagers wearing them.

Answer: Golf

What river lies east of this skyline?

NewYorkskylinetriviaYou may have wanted to answer the Hudson River but that would be incorrect. The Hudson River lies west of this  New York City skyline. The photo was taken from a scenic cruise boat along the Hudson River.

Answer: The East River in New York City. Despite its name it is not a true river but rather a salt water tidal strait. This 16 mile stretch of water connects with the Hudson River and separates Manhattan from Brooklyn and Queens. At one time this body of water was extremely polluted and was dangerous for swimming or other water activities. Today it is much cleaner but still very dangerous because of its swift currents which can take a swimmer out to sea. I will be conducting a photography workshop in New York from June 8-12, 2016.

Any guesses where this old industrial site is located?

Birmingham Alabama was founded in 1871 by southern entrepreneurs who knew well of the area’s rich mineral resources. These people were railroad men, land developers and speculators.

industrialtriviaAnswer: Sloss Furnaces was founded by Col. James Withers Sloss in the 1880’s when Alabama saw a huge increase in pig iron production, growing from 68,995 to 706,629 gross tons. Sloss Furnances was the first manufacturer in the new city of Birmingham. The plant operated as a pig iron producing blast furnace until 1971. The web of pipes, smokestacks, stoves and blast furnaces were falling into decay after its closing and later restored to some degree for preservation and safety. Today it is open as the only twentieth-century blast furnace in the U.S being preserved and interpreted as a historic industrial site, known as the Sloss Furnaces National Historic landmark. Sloss Furnaces is a candy store for photographers. There are lots of fun photo opportunities throughout this old plant. If you like HDR and grunge photography, I highly recommend a visit.