Photographers are Storytellers

We have all heard the term, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In 1911 this phrase was used by newspaper editor Tess Flanders discussing journalism and publicity, but most historians believe the modern use of the phrase stems from Fred R. Barnard talking about promoting the use of images in advertisements in 1921. Photographs are often an interpretation of how we see the world or an event and a powerful instrument to influence others thoughts or feelings. Depending on how we decide to process the photo it can illustrate reality or fantasy. Digital photography has taken our art to a new level, allowing us greater freedom to manipulate our original photograph into a fairy tale, a comedy, a tragedy, or whatever your imagination desires. I enjoy this creative freedom, experimenting with fiction and taking the liberty to create an imaginary event. The portfolio below is a collection of some of my favorite illustrations. Each illustration is unique and open to interpretation. You are invited to view the portfolio below and please feel free to comment and/or share via your favorite social media site.

The first gallery below is made up of photo-illustrations. When viewing these illustrations notice the use of exaggerated colors, lines, shapes and textures. When I create an illustration I enjoy playing with colors, often using slightly over-saturated colors to create a fun atmosphere, use of monochromatic colors to create a mood, and sometimes toned down colors to create an rough or aged look. Color is powerful and the use of exaggerated color is a fun and effective technique to bring attention to a subject or creating a focal point. Look for the many ways I use lines in my illustrations. I enjoy bending lines to exaggerate objects. This technique allows me to animate buildings, automobiles, etc… Watch for the use of textures. The use of grain provide an artsy look and feel to many photos. Softening and glow are also great use of textures. Anytime you choose to use textures be mindful over use can make your work predictable. I hope you enjoy this portfolio and find inspiration for your work. Join me on a future photography tour or workshop to learn many of these techniques.

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