Hidden Canyons of the Painted Desert

October 22 - 27, 2018

Leaders: Adam Jones and William Manning

Painted Desert Photo Tour

At first Glance the Navajo Reservation might appear as a vast featureless landscape, but for the intrepid traveler he/she might describe it as a wonderfully colorful land of deep canyons, twisted taffy like rock formations and a maze of stunning beauty. This description is only half of what you might see, the other half is the palette in which the landscape is colored and how this high desert region got its name "Painted Desert". There are many well known locations throughout the Painted Desert, the slot canyons, Grand Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce and Zion N.P, to name a few, but there are indeed countless others.

Adam Jones and William Manning, will co-lead this tour together in one of the lesser known regions of the Painted Desert. This is a tour you don't want to pass up. We are excited to offer a tour of Coal Mine Canyon, and Ha Ho Geh Canyon on this incredible itinerary.

After photographing these canyons we head to Monument valley and explore this iconic landscape beyond the beaten path. Our first evening in Monument Valley we'll drive the 17 mile dirt road through the valley to several of our favorite locations to see and experience this remarkable landscape up close. The following morning we'll head up to the incredible view at Muley Point where Glen Canyon is on full display with Monument Valley in the background.  After an incredible morning we'll prepare for our departure to Hunt's Mesa where we'll overnight under the stars for an evening and morning photo shoot high above the desert floor of Monument Valley. ( For those who don't want to camp at Hunt's Mesa please see options below):

Option 1:

The grand finale for this tour is an overnight high on top of Hunts Mesa for incredible views of the valley and towering buttes at sunset and sunrise. Our overnight on Hunts Mesa is a guided adventure with camping gear, steak dinner, and breakfast included. Fee for this option is included in workshop fee.

Option 2:

Or, for those who don’t want to camp, we have arranged a guided sunrise and sunset tour of Mystery Valley for you. Our guided tour is led by the Philips family, a well-known Navajo family, familiar with the needs of serious photographers. You will see and photograph spectacular locations off limits to the general public. The fee for this guided tour is also included in tour fee. You may choose to do one or the other of the two options listed above. Participants who choose this option will be responsible for their own lodging on this evening.

What you can expect. You can expect to be the focus of attention. Your photography is paramount and it's my job to provide the answers that allow you to grow as a photographer. Participants receive lots of one on one instruction in the field along with group discussions. You'll discover the artist within and build on your skills. Mastering your tools in the field and knowing what they can do for you is the foundation to a successful photo journey. Photographers want to be behind their camera therefore I make every effort to maximize our time in the field and teach with a hands on approach. Learning to see and knowing what to do once you identify your subject is the stepping stone to building a work of art. 

Itinerary. Our daily schedule will vary depending on location and weather. Light is the most important ingredient to a rewarding photo shoot. You can expect early mornings and photograph throughout the good morning light. If the weather conditions are favorable for photography throughout the day you can bet we'll take advantage of it. When afternoon light works against us we'll take in a critique session and some informal classroom instruction. Late afternoon and into early evening we'll be back out in the field for more hands on photography instruction and shooting opportunities.

Workshop schedule.
• The first day we'll meet at 6 p.m. We'll have a greet and meet, a Q & A session and a discussion of the following day's schedule.
• The next four days we'll spend much of our time on location photographing as much as possible with hands on instruction. This is your opportunity to ask me all the questions you want. I'm happiest when I know your learning. I want to help you and this is what your paying for when you join me on a workshop. When we are not in the field we may be in a classroom having critique sessions and learning something new.
• The last morning we'll photograph sunrise over Monument Valley, have breakfast over our campfire then depart Hunt's Mesa for our drive back to Monument Valley where we'll say a good-bye's.

October 22 - 27, 2018

The Details

Hidden Canyons of the Painted Desert

October 22 - 27, 2018

Tour Cost:
Deposit: $250.
Airport Arrival and Departure: Participants have several airports to choose from for your arrival, Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, or Grand Junction, CO.
Participants: Min 6 - Max 12

What's Included:
• Workshop instruction
• Hunt's Mesa and Mystery Valley
• Dinner and Breakfast at Hunt's
• All camping gear including tents,
  sleeping bag and sleeping matte.
• Navajo Guide at Hunt's Mesa
• Photo guide
• Photo Critiques

Not Included:
• Lodging
• Ground Transportation
• Air transportation
• Meals
• Entry fee into Monument Valley

Hotel Room blocks have been made for the following hotels. Please make your reservations as soon as possible. Make your reservations under the William Manning/Adam Jones Photography Block.

October 22, 23, 24 (3 nights) Moenkopi Legacy Inn (Tuba City, AZ), $125 per night. Telephone  928-283-4500
October 25 (1 nights) Goulding's Lodge (Monument Valley), $191 per night. Telephone 435-727-3231
If you have decided camping atop Hunt's Mesa isn't for you we have a Sunset/Sunrise tour of Mystery Valley planned for you. You will need to make an additional overnight stay at Goulding's for the night of October 26th.

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