Helping Photographers Become Better Artists

Photography is a personal journey. There are many reasons why photographers have a love affair with their camera. For some it’s the passion they have for story telling, or the excitement of finding new ways to see the world, or maybe its an escape from the redundant tasks we all encounter in our everyday lives. Regardless of the reason for enjoying your time behind the camera, I would very much enjoy the opportunity to help you broaden your knowledge and help you grow as a photographer on one of many awesome photography tours.

I have spent well over twenty five years working with photographers to achieve a goal. My expectations are high when I lead a photography tour or workshop. Every effort is made to build a workshop environment where every participant knows their work is important and the enthusiasm grows through each day we spend together.

Our days are long. Your time in the field begins with early morning light and ends after the sun has passed. We sometimes deal with conditions that test our patience. Travel is often off the beaten path. Regardless of the obstacles, our reward is a body of work that each and every participant is proud to have created. In the end, I hope you take home from your photography tour knowledge and confidence that allows you to grow as an artist.